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Jose James - Yesterday I Had The Blues: The Music of Billie Holiday (video)

Segnalo questo straordinario concerto di Jose James, uno dei più impressionanti e sensazionali cantanti di nuova generazione, che per l'occasione affronta la difficile sfida di eseguire alcuni dei più classici successi tratti dal songbook di Billie Holiday.

Foto di Bruno Bollaert
(Creative Commons)

Il concerto fu registrato il 7 aprile del 2012 (giorno dell'anniversario della nascita di Lady Day) all'Ancienne Belgique di Bruxelles; James era accompagnato da una formazione che comprendeva Takuya Kuroda alla tromba; Michael Campagna al sassofono tenore; Kris Bowers al piano; Solomon Dorsey al basso e Richard Spaven alla batteria.

Billie Holiday stands in our history as the most important jazz singer of all time. She remains the finest interpreter of the human heart, finding the notes, words, and feeling to describe that most complex human emotion - love.
Her father, Louis Armstrong, gave her the harmonic language, jazz phrasing, and risk taking of a instrumentalist. Her mother, Bessie Smith, the Empress of the Blues, gave her the personal voice, style, feeling, and artistry of a powerful storyteller. Together she combined these skills into a new vocabulary of expression, taking the words and music of some of America's finest songwriters - Ellington, Mercer, Gershwin, Kern, Berlin, Arlen, Porter, Rodgers and Hart - to the level of a new art form. Jazz singing. She did not invent it but she perfected it and set the bar for every generation of singers to follow. This night is a tribute to her mastery of song, and to her indomitable spirit.
Billie Holiday has brought me out of my darkest nights with her poetry and warm voice that, world weary and timeless, calls upon the wisdom of the ages. She reminds us that the human heart is a most fragile thing - and is perhaps the only way possible to understand our choices, passions, and paths that we must take in our life. She reminds us of the power of memory, of our cherished moments with loved ones that - though they reside in the past - are kept alive through our devotion of feeling." José James

Ecco il video di questo fantastico concerto:

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  1. una belle voce jazz. a suo agio con un repertorio difficile