venerdì 2 settembre 2011

Il pianista Michael Wolff registrerà il suo primo album live

Sul sito del Los Angeles Times è stata pubblicata una interessante intervista a Michael Wolff. Il pianista è al Vitello's Club di Los Angeles per registrare il suo primo album dal vivo accompagnato da un quartetto di all-stars con il celebre trombettista Mark Isham, John B. Williams al basso e Mike Clark (componente degli Headhunters di Herbie Hancock) alla batteria, nel quale presenterà una serie di standard e pezzi originali riferibili alla musica di Miles Davis.
"I just think there's a vibe I'm going for, that really great quintet with Herbie Hancock, Tony Williams, Ron Carter, Wayne Shorter," Wolff said, invoking what became known as "The Second Great Quintet" of Davis' diverse career. "You know, the way they were able to take things and be abstract and deconstruct them, but you still could hear the melody. That's the approach, it's very interactive and everybody plays a lot, but we're playing together to have a certain mood."
Having played with Wolff in a variety of bands since the '70s, Clark cited what he considers one of the keys to the pianist's eclectic artistry. "He's very harmonically sophisticated. He can bend and distort chords and chord changes so that we can get to work deconstructing a tune right away," Clark said. "It's pretty open, it's pretty loose, yet it still swings."
"You know the old cliché where everything has to be modal or real loose and everybody's bashing and doing everything they know, and then the alternative to that would be a real straight, 1950s-style bebop approach?" Clark added, describing the gulf that can arise between the worlds of jazz tradition and its avant-garde. "Well, with Mike you're not saddled to either of those things."
Si può leggere l'articolo integrale sul sito del LA Times.

Eccon un video live del quartetto di Michael Wolff che presenta Nefertiti, registrato il 15 aprile 2011 al Vitello's di Los Angeles

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